Political Theory: An Introduction

4th Edition (2015)

An introduction to political theory that discusses clusters of interrelated terms, examines how they have been used by different thinkers and schools of thought, and explores their significance for both classical and contemporary political debate. This new edition has increased coverage of the global dimension of political thought – including a new chapter on international issues such as security and war – and of non-Western approaches to political debates and controversies.

"A brilliant text; superbly organised in terms of the complex subject matter, very perceptive and wonderfully clearly written. Quite the best book on political ideas available."

Bill Jones, Liverpool Hope University


  • What is political theory?
  • Human nature, the individual and society
  • Politics, government and the state
  • Sovereignty, the nation and supranationalism
  • Power, authority and legitimacy
  • Law, order and justice
  • Rights, obligations and citizenship
  • Law, order and justice
  • Freedom, toleration and liberation
  • Equality, social justice and welfare
  • Property, planning and the market
  • Security, war and world order
  • Tradition, progress and utopia